The Laser Procedure

Laser Procedures
  1. A deep periodontal pocket, with loss of bone, and tartar on the root surface is determined to be present.
  2. The laser selectively removes the infected gum tissue that lines the pocket wall, removing unhealthy tissue that lines the pocket for improved access to the pocket and the root surface.
  3. Tartar and other debris is removed from the root surface, and rinsed out of the pocket.
  4. The laser is used again to kill any bacteria or toxins that remain on the root surface or in the gum tissue, completely disinfecting the area.
  5. The gum tissue is readapted back to the root surface and is sealed to the root surface with a dense fibrin clot.
  6. The bite is adjusted to eliminate any trauma to the tooth, and to balance out the chewing forces throughout the region.
  7. Complete healing results in pocket depth reduction through reattachment of the gum tissue and connective tissue back to the root surface.