Welcome to Advanced Dentistry of Saint Charles.

Our mission to provide our patients with an uncompromising standard of care and the latest technological advances in the dental field continues. In addition, we have incorporated some of the latest technology including dental lasers allowing us to perform more conservative and more comfortable treatments, iTero digital scanning to provide more accurate fitting crowns & bridges without the need for uncomfortable impressions, and computerized bite, joint and muscle analysis to better diagnose and treat those patients experiencing chronic TMJ, head & neck pain as well as ensure longer lasting dentistry due to our ability to reduce unnatural forces by obtaining the ideal occlusion(bite).

In keeping abreast of current medical research, I also view your dental health as a part of your overall health. In fact, did you know that your oral health has been directly linked to

Cardiovascular Disease Migraine Headaches
(hypertension, strokes, heart attacks) Osteoarthritis
Diabetes Hearing Loss (ringing, earaches)
Pregnancy Complications Head, Neck and Facial Pain
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Severe Snoring) Posture Issues (scoliosis)
Development of Alzheimer’s Airway Complications 

I am committed to creating a team approach with your medical doctor(s) in order to provide the optimal care for every patient’s unique situation. If you have any questions, please feel free explore the information on our web site or contact my office directly at 636-978-0226.