Dental Implants

Dental Implants: Done the Right Way

Dental implants are a proven and predictable means of replacing missing teeth or stabilizing a removable prosthesis like a denture. Done and cared for properly, dental implants can provide a lifetime of service and, unlike natural teeth, are resistant to decay and periodontal disease.

However, in order to have long lasting success with dental implants, the implants must be placed in the most optimal position within the bone plus abnormal and destructive occlusal forces from a bad bite must be eliminated. Neuromuscular dentistry in combination with the latest digital implant diagnostics is taking the guesswork out of traditional dental implant technology, which is good news for dentists and patients alike.

Our advanced technology using computer assisted guided implant surgery allows for the assessment and planning necessary to properly determine a patient’s final implant-supported restorations prior to the implant placement. “In short, we are able to determine the most optimal position for the implant-supported teeth and the actual implant prior to implant surgery insuring the greatest potential for a long-lasting result.”

In addition, the utilization of the latest three-dimensional x-ray technology allows us to pinpoint the exact location for a patient’s implants with much greater ease and precision allowing for more conservative and comfortable surgical procedures.

Finally, by incorporating all-tissue laser dentistry as part of the implant restoration process, we can often replace an unsaveable natural tooth immediately with a dental implant thus eliminating multiple surgeries and shortening your overall treatment time.

Case Results

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