Dental Savings Plan

Did you know that dental insurance is actually “dental assistance?” Insurance is designed to cover extreme, unexpected circumstances. However, dental insurance doesn’t work that way, only covering the costs of common, expected outcomes at a percentage of that outcome, leaving the patient to pay for the rest. Insurance companies will also only give a small yearly allowance and will expect a patient to cover the entire cost of the remaining dental treatment once the allowance has been reached.

Instead of dealing with the parameters of dental insurance, Dr. Cusumano and the team at Advanced Dentistry of Saint Charles would like to offer a more transparent way to invest in your dental health: The Advanced Dentistry Savings Plan! By signing up for the Advanced Dentistry Savings Plan, patients will be provided with a set fee schedule that is competitive with insurance PPO plans. The savings plan will also allow our patients to comfortably take care of their specific dental needs in a manner based off our doctors’ recommendations, and not by how much money the insurance company will give patients per calendar year. If you are interested in learning more about our Advanced Dentistry Savings Plan please call (636)978-0226 and ask to speak with Drew or Gina, or you can email us at