General and Family Dentistry

We provide personalized family dentistry with comprehensive check-ups and early detection.

You have probably heard from your dentist or hygienist that they have been “watching” something in your mouth. What does that mean, watching something get worse? The longer undiagnosed treatment is present in your mouth, the more costly and unpredictable treatment outcomes will be.

Dr. Cusumano and Dr. Dwyer pride themselves in taking a thorough, pro-active approach by completing comprehensive examinations and monitoring situations to determine when it is appropriate to treat various situations. Patients are entitled to hear the truth about their oral health and not to be sugar coated around the inevitable. Every patient’s mouth is unique, and his or her respective treatment is carried out accordingly. 

Dr. Cusumano and Dr. Dwyer encourage all immediate families to stick together when choosing a dental practice. Clear communication of oral health needs between spouses or between parents and their children is paramount and having everything under one roof eases that process. Both doctors recommend that all family members receive check ups twice a year in order to be proactive about their oral health needs.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier, more precise smile


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