Dental Implants

A proven and predictable means of replacing missing teeth or stabilizing a removable prosthesis like a denture.

Dental implants are considered the best option to replace a missing tooth and can provide a lifetime of service. However, in order to have long lasting success with dental implants, the implants must be placed in the most optimal position within the bone and surrounding gum tissue. Dental implants must also be avoidant of abnormal and destructive forces from a bad bite. Digital implant diagnostics are now taking the guesswork out of traditional dental implant technology, which provides more predictability for dentists and patients alike.

Our advanced technology using computer assisted guided implant surgery allows for the assessment and planning necessary to properly determine the location of a patient’s final implant-supported restoration prior to the implant placement.

The standard of care for implant placement is the utilization of three-dimensional x-ray technology known as a “Cone Beam.” This allows the dentist to pinpoint the exact location for a patient’s implant with extreme accuracy and allows for a more conservative and comfortable surgical procedure for the patient.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier, more precise smile


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